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​Our Foundation provides children and young people with access to quality education. We raise money to provide education to disadvantaged children and young people as well as running a diverse range of programs in Australia and Overseas. We are dedicated to providing the disadvantaged with opportunities to access education.

Work hard to open new horizons for refugees and asylum seekers, facilitate women only development programs, and customised youth leadership programs.

We are  a registered non profit organisation that is committed to making a difference in society.  We work with communities to identify and address the needs of education in disadvantaged communities and provide children and young people with access to quality education. Universal access to quality education is not a privilege – it is a basic human right. We seek to identify, raise awareness, and address the issues and needs in communities.

We create leaders to lead projects on advancing social and public welfare and to create a positive social impact.

in joining hands we make a difference

Ayda's story

Ayda Sabri began her journey in 2012. In her travels to India she saw poverty, hardship and met children and their families who were so much less fortunate than myself. She was a single parent with a young child.

It was at that point that she decided that she should do something to help make a difference. But Ayda didn't know how. She still remembers sitting on the aeroplane on the way back to Australia talking to herself and asking herself the question "How am I going to do this?".

The only thing she could do was share her story about what she saw and experienced. As she continued to share her story with people, friends and family, they too felt her compassion and empathy. This is how Ayda got started. She  purposefully started sharing her story and shaking a money tin to raise money. Ayda collected some money and took it back to India to pay for the children's education. She learnt that people really do want to help and do so by donating. It was their encouragement and enthusiasm that helped her get started to help the children.

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