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Educating children

Deny a child access to an education and they become vulnerable to child marriage and child labour.
Our aim is to be instrumental, play a part in the world in reducing child marriage and child labour through education.
Primary school, secondary school, college and university.

  our impact  


7 childen in Primary School

8 young girls in Secondary School

19 students studying in Pre-University Colleges

9 students studying for University Degrees


Our education model kicks off in September 2018

Our target is to raise enough funds to pay for the school fees of children from 7 to 11 years of age

Help us by donating generously

study centres

Gift a Dream Foundation funds a Study Centre in Bangalore. The study centre is a place where the children receive tutoring, mentoring, counselling and also receive a snack each day.

We have professionals who volunteer their time (on a rotating roster) to tutor, mentor and counsel the children throughout the week. The Study Centre is a quiet place where the children can sit and study as well as receive educational support. It is located on the 2nd level of this building.



In India, we fund a Sunday School Program for children (aged seven to fifteen living in the sorrounding areas in the heart of some of the regions most disadvantaged in the country. Gift a Dream Foundation pays for a teacher to provide literacy and numeracy support for these children, giving them access to the basic skills necessary for a prosperous life.


leadership program

In Australia and India, Gift a Dream Foundation offers young asylum seekers and refugees the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Our program is designed to build confidence and equip these yound woman to become community leaders and change makers. We empower these youth to be the voice for themselves, and within the communities they live in.


mentor program

Our volunteers are the core to this program.  They not only donate their own personal time they are committed to showing the children and young people that there is someone who cares about them.  This makes our children feel like they too are important and they matter.


walk for unity

This is about 2 friends, Yalcin and Stavros and their Journey into Cyprus. A war on the island of Cyprus over 40 years ago says they should be divided because of their Turkish and Greek Cypriot backgrounds. Instead they believe in a free and united Cyprus with no borders. 

They plan to walk from East Cyprus to West Cyprus in 16 Days. Their walk is not meant to be easy, as they know finding a solution for Cyprus isn’t either. They plan to walk between 20 to 30km a day, over rugged terrain, steep mountains and finish no matter what the obstacles. 

  why they are walking  

We will walk to raise awareness, as we wish to see Cyprus with no division and bring a fresh forward looking and positive view to resolve this frozen conflict.

We want to celebrate humanity and cultural diversity of all people on the island of Cyprus. We want to bring hope to the next generation of Cypriots and this is possible.

Making a film will help us to reach and connect to millions of people across the world with the universal message of:

"regardless of age, colour, ethnicity, gender and religion we will all be able to live freely".


birth certificates in burundi (africa)

Burundi, in central Africa, is the third poorest country in the world.  It is a country that has experienced extended periods of civil war, political instability and the breakdown of law and order.

There is a high rates of illiteracy, remote locations, lack of access to internet and information has led to a high rate of unregistered children of survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV).


Gift a Dream partnered with Reavi Baho to register over 300 children with a birth certificate and provide information and support for the mother.

  taking action  


We operated a welcoming information session for anyone who wanted to register their child


We coordinated our efforts with local government agencies and educated officials of what support the community and our project needed

BAHO Centre

We established a dedicated centre in Baho, with seating, kitchen facilities and AV equipment to support the project


Our Baho centre provided a haven of support, delivering individual counselling session to traumatised parents and helping them through the process of registration

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