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cyprus Unity Walk

This project is about 2 friends, Yalcin and Stavros and their Journey into Cyprus. A war on the island of Cyprus over 40 years ago says they should be divided because of their Turkish and Greek Cypriot backgrounds. Instead they believe in a free and united Cyprus with no borders.

They plan to walk from East Cyprus to West Cyprus in 16 Days. Their walk is not meant to be easy, as they know finding a solution for Cyprus isn’t either. They plan to walk between 20 to 35km a day, over rugged terrain, steep mountains and finish no matter what the obstacles.

Throughout the journey they will explore the legend of the 101st Window of the Queen (Regina) of Cyprus. The legend says if you find this window and look through it, you will see paradise. You can then call out to paradise and ask for whatever your heart desires.

The walk across Cyprus will celebrate humanity and the cultural diversity of all people on the island. Looking through the 101st window of Regina we want to see the Paradise of Cyprus and share this with the world.

  why they walk 

Stavros & Yalcin want a United Cyprus just like our friendship. To them, their friendship is simple. There is NO divide. Cyprus is divided into a Turkish North and Greek South. They see no reason why it should be like this. Both belong to the same island and want the next generation to see and feel the same way they do. There is no reason for this conflict to continue.

They will walk to raise awareness, as we all wish to see Cyprus with no division and bring a fresh forward looking and positive view to resolve this frozen conflict.

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