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Educating children

When we first started sponsoring children's education, there were 19 children in 2012. We now sponsor the education of 43 children. We also fund running costs for a "Study Centre" where children attend each night after school to study and complete their homework. We have also been funding a weekly "Sunday Language and Literacy class" for the children who live in the slums of Bangalore.

We travel to India every year, at our own cost, to meet with the children volunteers and parents. We also run a yearly youth leadership program to teach them life skills.

  our impact  

We strongly believe education is a critical part of the solution. As a result of our continued commitment to make a difference, we have been successful in sponsoring (as at 2018):

9 children in primary shcool

10 young girls in secondary school

14 girls in pre-university college

9 students studying degrees

In meeting the children every year, it is most satisfying to see their excitement and commitment to study as they move from move from Primary to Secondary school, then onto college, and then university. We are committed to continue making the difference with your help.

facts about india

It is estimated that 47% of girls in India are married before their 18th birthday and 18% are married by the age of 15. Girls who have little or no education are up to six time more likely to be married as children than girls who have secondary school. (UNICEF Report 2016).

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